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Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety is an eight session group which provides information on anxiety and a place to process individual anxiety through discussion in a group setting. Group sessions are structured around the seven steps of The Worry Cure by Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.

Developing Lasting Relationships

Developing Lasting Relationships is designed for singles to provide help in choosing the right relationship for their lives. It provides participants with a better understanding of themselves, the people they date, and gives Biblical counsel on how to build healthier relationships in their lives. This class is based off of the book How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk by John Van Epp.

Prepare to Last

Prepare to Last is designed for engaged or soon to be engaged couples who are interested in developing relationship-building tools for every phase of their relationship life. Learn to strengthen communication skills, discuss personality styles, and receive tips on resolving conflict. Couples will have the option of meeting with an individual counselor, along with the group in order to meet any premarital counseling requirements by the couple’s pastor.

PREP (Preparation & Relationship Enhancement Program)

When it comes to loving the most important people in our lives, no one can ever learn too much. Research shows that while therapy can be extremely helpful in certain situations, much of what goes wrong in loving relationships has much to do with never having learned the skills and principles associated with successful relationships. This class is designed to teach couples the skills and principles they need to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship.

LINKS (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturing Knowledge & Skills)

The LINKS program is an enjoyable presentation rooted in major areas of research on: intimacy and romantic love, how trust is developed and maintained, forgiveness in marital relations, resiliency and commitment in marriage, emotional styles and expression in marriage, attachment/closeness in adult relationships, sexual intimacy in marriage, personal boundaries and affairs, and predictors of marital satisfaction.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

CPRT teaches parents child-centered play therapy principles and skills like reflective listening, along with recognizing and responding to their child’s feelings. It also helps to establish a stronger parent-child relationship and enhances the child’s self-esteem.

Self-Worth Group for Teenage Girls

This group is for teenage girls ages 12-17 and is designed to encourage them to build their self-worth on who they are in Christ.

Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light is a research-based sexual abuse prevention program. This 2-hour class is designed to equip adults to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse, put safeguards in place to protect our children, and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse.

The Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center is a ministry of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.